Mind-Spirit Detox is Available on World-Wide distribution!

I am pleased and excited to announce that Mind-Spirit Detox, published by O Books, is now in paperback form and electronically...with worldwide distribution.

The print book is now available on retail sites such as Amazon US, Amazon UK, Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and others.  Physical bookshops in the Americas, Europe and Australia/Far East also have the book in stock.

Check out my recent interview about the flow-state I was in when the book was created:








Mind-Spirit Detox is full of practices to reboot, reset and recharge your entire system.  It is based on practices that I have been doing myself for many years, little knowing that one day they would be compiled into a book.

The Reverend Paul John Roach was kind enough to write the foreword to the book, and here he is interviewing me about it on his US radio show:

There's much influence in the book from discussions with my father (usually down the pub!), and his following of Krishnamurti weighs heavily throughout the book - the idea of stripping things away (hence 'detox') until only truth remains. 

I also owe a great debt of gratitude to my inspirational teacher, Arjuna Ardagh.  The book is very much in alignment with the Awakening Coaching methodologies of Arjuna, and as you will see from this web-site, my practice is based upon my certification as an Awakening Coach.  I would encourage anybody who draws inspiration from Mind-Spirit Detox to take a deeper look at Arjuna's body of work, especially the books referenced in the bibliography.

Lastly, please have a look at the other authors in the bibliography.  These are only really the tip of the iceberg for truth seekers.  If you are pressed for time or want an overview of the key literature, please subscribe to my YouTube site, where I review scores of books in the field of spirituality and self-discovery.





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