Transcendent Leadership

Working Together


True leadership cannot possibly reside within the old world of conventional wisdom.  Conventional wisdom leaves us where we already are, on the same side of the threshold, in the very same place in which we started.  

There are three levels of leadership practice, the first two of which come from the world of conventional wisdom:

- Transactional Leadership

- Transformational Leadership

- Transcendent Leadership

I discovered the latter - the newly emergent level of Transcendent Leadership through 30 years of leadership practice in the field of health service management.  I am just putting the finishing touches to my new book, 'Transcendent Leadership'.  

Embedded within this book is a code which unlocks your true potential, which will enable you to experience the magic of transcendence in your own leadership practice.  The eight dimensions of this code when absorbed into your mind and applied through your practice, will radically shift you away from the everyday world that you inhabit.

When you work with me to bring transcendence into your

own leadership practice, you will open yourself to new

understanding and rapid results, including:


- Achieving the super-charged power of the flow state

- Experiencing ‘downloads’ of information and guidance

- Obtaining insights into the emergent future

- Shifting to a higher frequency of awareness

- The ability to transmit energy to your staff and co-workers

- Achieving deeper levels of cohesiveness within your team

- Being on fire for your mission

- Understanding how to channel and use subtle energies


The key mission of Transcendent Leadership is to

bring consciousness into the field of leadership practice.  

Consciousness is the key to understanding why Transcendent Leadership

is so totally different to Transactional and Transformational Leadership.  

Transcendent Leadership practice moves beyond the small self to

encapsulate divine, cosmic consciousness – shifting from small mind to

Big Mind, from egoic understanding to unbounded

consciousness...and results that are rapid, outstanding and disruptive.

Click Here to listen to my interview on the World Spirituality Show.

I have pleasure in attaching below a series of video shorts from each dimension of the 8 part code which unlocks leadership practice at the transcendent level.  Enjoy...then buy the book!  Even better, contact me for 1-1 Transcendent Leadership Coaching!