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A couple of notes: Firstly I've changed my email contact to:

Secondly, 25% of all donations for coaching will now go directly to our reforestation programme in South America.  So the coaching heals both people and the planet!  Find out more here

Awakening Meditation

Come on a journey into deep, relaxing meditation and explore awareness, quantum healing, the future self, the bridge between states of consciousness and much, much more. 

These are deeply relaxing meditations that you can do lying down (I like lying down!).

I have posted a few taster meditations on the meditations page on this site.  However, if you would like me to hold space for you (and your friends), I am available for single or group meditations via Skype.  The advantage of  live meditations is that I channel spirit to you whilst the meditation is in progress.  I also send distance Reiki to you.  If you get together with a group, then incredible synchronicity can take place in the joint meditation space.

Price: £25 for half an hour per person, or £20 per person for group sessions.  Topics covered:

- Abundance and Prosperity

- Radical Awakening

- Healing

- Relaxing Theta Meditation

- Intentions/Manifesting

- Energy

- Shadow Work

- Quantum Creation

- Connection with the Unconscious Mind

- The Future Self