I am a spirit with a body attached

....or I am a being that is human, not just a 'human being'.

How do I come to these conclusions? Well you can start with thought. You can use religious scripts or philosophical insight to work it out in your head. Better still, why not experience it? There are many ways in but the best are things such as lucid dreaming and meditation.

In times of deep meditation, my body goes to sleep - it's associated with Theta brain waves. I am still aware, though; mind awake, body asleep.

If I go even deeper, incredible vibrations move in waves across my body - it's called the 'vibrational state' and happens when we move from one state of consciousness to another due to frequency shifts. The vibrations are interferences as one frequency interacts with another, as with waves in an oscilloscope. One time I passed through the vibrational state. When you do this, your spirit separates from your body - known to some as the 'astral body' or an Out of Body Experience (OBE).

My OBE experience showed me that I will never die. My body is insignificant in the scheme of things. As this happened, I felt my consciousness saying to itself as my body went into such a deep meditative state that it disappeared, "there is nothing going on here any more, I might as well be off", and with that, my true self just rose up, maybe three feet above my body.

It was such a lack of sentimentality it was staggering. It was as if my true nature knew that my body really counted for nothing. It knew that it was just a conduit for my spirit whilst on planet earth.

This has only happened to me once in this way and only for a brief couple of seconds before I shook myself awake again in surprise and excitement. I knew that I wasn’t imagining it. I was experiencing it. It was totally real. That brief couple of moments changed everything for me. I have absolutely no fear of death any more because I feel like I have already experienced it.