The Evolution of Coaching

When you enter into a coaching relationship, it’s almost impossible in my experience to avoid going deep. That is, I have never come across anybody who doesn’t want to explore everything there is to explore, in themselves, in their relationships, in their strengths, in their weaknesses and in their deepest life longings.

That is why I made the shift a few years ago from ‘regular’ coaching (I qualified through the Institute of Leadership and Development), into what is known as ‘Awakening Coaching’.

My teacher, the writer and broadcaster Arjuna Ardagh, defines Awakening as, “…a shift in awareness when you taste reality outside the limiting confines of the mind. This is when you know yourself to be limitless, much bigger than, yet containing the body. Awakening allows us to move beyond limited beliefs and assumptions about reality and our life based on past experiences and memories and to fully experience what is actually unfolding in this moment.”

So in Awakening Coaching, we release all the brilliances that are already in you. Your genius is fully present, in this very moment. Let us call this your Higher Good. What I mean by Higher Good is the ultimate fulfilment of your life here on planet earth. It is everything that you were always meant to be. When you grasp it, you are on the road to being the best possible version of yourself; you will know your purpose, you will feel an immense sense of connection, both within yourself and externally, to the world around you, to others, to spirit and to your ultimate calling, the reason for your existence. So, let’s not underestimate this, this is a really big deal – in fact, it’s the biggest deal there is, what could be bigger?

Thus Awakening Coaching is evolved, it is deeper, it is of orders of magnitude greater in its reach than regular counselling, mentoring or coaching. The people that I work with say that it has changed their life, they will testify that you will see an incredible expansion of spirit, of love, of compassion in your daily walk. Worry and anxiety will melt away as your every thought, conversation and action becomes firmly rooted in the reality of your very own amazing genius.

This movement and knowledge isn’t confined solely to spiritual communities or religious traditions, either. Writers such as Stephen Pinker and Ken Wilber, coming from variously secular and spiritual-philosophical traditions, have identified that humankind is developing, evolving, moving from one stage of development and understanding to another.

Maybe you, too, have noticed a shift in perception of spirit and consciousness. As Dr Joe Dispenza says, you can ‘break the habit of being yourself’, and the daily practices I will introduce you to will indeed set you on a new pathway of healing and development.

I have worked in mental health for a large part of my career and I was often dismayed at the techniques adopted, particularly the pharmacological ones. Therefore I was pleasantly astounded recently when working at a conference called ‘No Mind’ in Sweden, when a couple of Psychology professors from Cambridge University told me that the techniques that we use in Awakening Coaching, such as ‘Radical Releasing’, where we dissolve past hurts and blockages, rather than seek to ‘resolve’ them, were the most astounding techniques they had come across in years. They told me that we can do in a few minutes what it takes psychologists sometimes months to achieve.

In Awakening Coaching therefore, we cover all of the main bases of coaching – we define the objectives you want from the coaching relationship, uncover your best qualities, seek alignment between those qualities and discover the path to career, life and relationship fulfilment. We acknowledge the blockages, hang ups and worries that stand in your way and we dissolve them with powerful techniques. But all of this comes from the deepest possible place – your awakened self.

Enjoy your journey!

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