The doctors couldn't believe what I did!

I had an MRI scan today on my problematic left shoulder. I motored on a sliding 'bed' into the £1 million machine, and was told to stay still....totally still....for 45 minutes!

Frankly I think that most people would have freaked. It's crazily noisy in there, and very confined. You're in a tight tunnel just bigger than your body.

As a practising meditator, however, I knew just the technique to use. We normally go around in our awakened state in what is known as 'Beta' brain frequency. If we daydream or are falling asleep, we go into 'Alpha'. In deep sleep, we're in 'Gamma'. If you get meditation just right, you can train yourself to go into 'Theta', which is where your body is asleep, i.e. you go into body paralysis - you can't feel or move your body; but your mind is awake. You're totally lucid. The perfect state for being in an MRI scanner for 45 minutes! Using the noise of the machine as if it were a meditation tape, I slipped into Theta within about three minutes.

Upon emerging, the Radiographer was astonished at just how still I'd been. I explained the above, and she was absolutely astonished. Seems like I was the first patient to use 'body paralysis' since they'd installed this astonishing machine. Wow, who knew just how practical meditation can be?!