It's Christmas - Enjoy it!

Sometimes at Christmas, we have a feeling of magic, but it can often be an expectation that never actually gets fulfilled. Maybe it's because we need to practice affirmations to let our conscious and subconscious really sink into letting go of worry and letting the full richness of this beautiful season really sink in.

Here's a short chapter from my book, Practising Spirit which will help you to contemplate this and prepare for this wonderful time:

Whenever you do something very difficult, challenging, scary, or even something wonderful and expansive, always start by saying these words to yourself:

“I choose to enjoy this moment”

Imbuing a moment or a challenge with this affirmation can be incredibly powerful. I have used this personally on many occasions over the past few years. On no occasion has the outcome been anything other than uplifting and surprising.

Firstly, by affirming the words, ‘I choose’, you are positively stating that you are making a personal commitment to make a choice. You are also affirming that it is your right to make a choice. The opposite might be that you choose nothing; that you leave your heart response open to the winds of fate. By asserting the personal right to make a choice, you might not be able to affect everything in the external world, but you are certainly preparing to take conscious control of how you respond internally. It’s not what happens in the world around us that makes the difference; it’s how we respond where the magic happens.

Furthermore, by using the words, ‘enjoy’, you are affirming that it doesn’t matter what the exterior world holds in that moment for you – you are inducing a heightened sense of positivity, compassion, love and vibration. You commit the moment to the highest good of Spirit.

Lastly, you are focusing on the moment. Not any other moment, but this moment. You choose to let this moment in and of itself be a unique point in time.

I love this practice – it’s simple and powerful, and it never wears out – use it again and again!


- When you have faced difficult moments that have induced trepidation in the past, has your negative, worried approach helped or hindered you?

- If you’ve practised this exercise when you’ve been confronting a difficult situation, how do you feel it changed the outcome?