My day today

I have spent the day looking after my three lovely girls whilst Isabel my wife has been in South Devon, becoming accredited as a 'Strong by Zumba' instructor. I think she probably burnt off around 2,000 calories today!

Before the girls awoke, I recorded some meditations, and I'm pleased to say that I have now got a sample of five meditations on the latter page. I wrote three of these whilst on my retreat recently, including two around abundance and prosperity, as a couple of people had asked that I do something to accompany my recent book review on Spiritual Economics.

Isabel and Emily in St. Tropez in the summer

These are powerful meditations, most of which take you down into the quantum of 'no mind', where our intentions become so much more powerful without the distraction of body and thought. We're in the world of pure 'I am-ness'. Enjoy!

....o, and of course, if you would like me to lead you in your personal guided meditation, whilst sending you Reiki Fire healing, then please get in touch.