6 weeks with nothing to do...

Some people are wondering why I seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet. Well, six weeks ago, I went under the knife for my seventh shoulder operation. And it was another big one, the surgeon said that my bicep was shredded. I'm still in quite a lot of pain, so I'll keep this brief. I'm 'writing' by using that wonderful new voice activated facility on the Mac.

I've been resting; I can't work, I can't drive, I can't lift anything more than 500g now with my left arm, and I've just got out of the sling, which I've been in day and night for 6 weeks.

So, for someone who is normally energetic and creative, what's it like doing pretty much nothing for so long?

Well, we're big brained creatures, so we're never really doing nothing. And as a coach who gives people practices, doing nothing can actually ironically become doing 'something'. I've sort of treated as if I'm doing an exercise...in doing nothing!

Instead of reading heavy books about consciousness and spirituality and science, I've been listening to Alan Partridge's 'Nomad' on Audible, and I'm now reading the latest Bill Bryson. Very funny, both. And easy; light. I've been watching things I wouldn't normally get to watch. I've been walking, wandering. Sometimes just wandering around places with my wonderful wife, Isabel, which has been so, so liberating. Bumbling around, no agenda, no aim, just hanging. Wow! Mostly, I've been just spending time with my family. And that's just wonderful. Deeply, deeply amazing.

Which brings me onto the moral of the story. I've realised that despite all of the fascination and interest I have in creativity, in helping others through my coaching and through the video blogs and so on, the main focus of my life is my family. Of course, not everybody has a family of their own, but it's probably reasonably true to say that we'll have something. i.e what we've been given by God it's probably therefore already present with us in our life. So look around you and see what the obvious thing is that's in your life already. The thing that God has gifted you with his grace. Now give that thing your full attention because you are here to nurture it. As it has been given to you by Grace, it is your responsibility to treat it with respect and to put your creativity and your energy into it.

This is often so obvious that it can be overlooked by those of us that are always looking for the new big thing on the spiritual pathway or in our career. Many of us get bored easily and are looking for some sort of an exogenous growth programme, i.e. to jump into something external to that which is in our current situation. But when you just stop for a minute or a week, or even six weeks, you can force yourself to plunge deeply into the thing that is already there for you. Maybe, just maybe this is actually the thing that God has given you that is yours to nurture, like a garden that needs care and artistic devotion.

Does this resonate with you? Have you been ignoring the thing that has been given to you by Grace? Are you looking for a new path when you are actually already walking the correct path? Let me know your stories and reflections. And if you're not sure, why not just stop doing anything new for one full month and wait to see what arises.

Much love,