An Integral Operating System for the Health and Care Sector

Now this could be really revolutionary!

As many people know, O-Books are currently in the process of publishing my book, 'Mind-Spirit Detox', and having surrendered to the power of Spirit (again!) a couple of weeks ago, I've been exploding with insight and creativity; I've truly been in the flow state, and it's a remarkable place to be.

What is emerging is a synthesis of all of my formal and informal study in the last few years (see my YouTube Channel for a cross-section of what this has included). I realised that through an incredibly happy, energised team that is bursting through all targets set for us, and winning awards and recognition even at national level, what I had been doing was applying all of this learning back into the real world of doctors, nurses, social workers, communities and patients.

So in my evenings and weekends I have been codifying our practice, and what is emerging is a system that I have called an Integral Operating System (for Health and Care). It's truly remarkable and draws parallels with simple solutions for complex problems the world over. It is a Dynamic Self-Adaptive System, the kind seen in ecology, IT networks, the electricity grid, physics, chemistry etc. (but not to my knowledge in the National Health Service).

I even saw parallels with Pep Guardiola's football system that he has been able to 'lift and shift' to win at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Indeed, after writing them, I discovered that around 2/3rds of my simple rules for complex systems are very close in nature to those of the greatest football manager on the planet.

The greatest influences on the Integral Operating System are Ken Wilber (Integral Theory), Don Edward Beck (Spiral Dynamics), Kathleen M Eisenhardt of Harvard Business School (Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World), and Arjuna Ardagh (Awakening Coaching).

The incredible thing about this Operating System is just how simple it is, and the scope of what it can potentially achieve is quite extraordinary. My team has just started reflecting on and using the system, and we are suddenly seeing a remarkable decrease in patients stuck in hospital (sometimes referred to unfortunately as 'bed blockers'). We are getting people safe and well back home at the right time, which is mostly much earlier than before. 'Bed blockers' cost the UK health service £3,000,000,000 per annum, so this is a really big deal.

We are also using the Integral Operating System to boost staff morale, hit targets, improve people's health and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital.

There is therefore a further surprising thing...from what I can see, nobody has thought of this before in my sector! Then again, there may be very few senior managers working in the health and social care sector that have read and studied this combination of great thinkers, so maybe its a lucky, or perhaps pre-ordained combination of con-incidences that have led to this breakthrough.

The next period will be around refining the Integral Operating System and testing it; I am so pumped up, not only for the excitement of discovery but also for the immense dividends I foresee for staff and patients. Once the initial testing phase is over, I am looking to embed it in different organisations firstly across Devon and then I would hope in different places and different sectors.

Having devoted much energy to coaching individuals in finding their ideal career/pathway, or in better coping with and flourishing in the one they are in, it is now an immense delight for me to be devoting my energies and knowledge to this emerging field, especially one that could potentially improve the lives of unimaginable numbers of health and social care staff in the UK and beyond.

....and I might just have discovered my next book!