I am the proof

I am a Certified Awakening Coach. So I can coach practically anything really. And I do!

But if there's something that I seem to get asked to coach more than anything else, it's around shifting from a dull, meaningless or stressful career into something with more balance, more meaning, more expansive creativity.

The reason for this? I have found this in m own life. I used to work for PWC in Windsor. High stress, little meaning, little creativity.

I now still manage lots of people, systems, teams and money, but I have purpose, I work with freedom, fun and energy. So yesterday, in between reading and sending scores of emails, chairing meetings, dealing with difficult people and making decisions, I also went for a beautiful walk at lunchtime, and after work, took my girls to the beach.

So I can do it; I DID it! So too, can you. I have absolute certainty about that.