We All Need a Circle

I have just got off a 'Zoom' call with my men's circle. Wow, what a great bunch of guys. We're pretty international. We're also just pretty of course. Only one of those two statements is actually true, ha!

We're from north, south, east, west and the centre of the United States, as well as The Netherlands and me here in the South West of England.

Despite the fact that we're very diverse geographically, we have an intense closeness almost what one might call a unified field of being. What do I mean by that? Well it doesn't mean that we all believe exactly the same thing. But it does mean that there's a common goal, albeit we have no written constitution or contract or terms of reference.

That goal? For me at least, it's a shared knowledge and understanding that we are all part of a single entity of being. We are all connected with 'Big Mind'. And as such, we all share in a circle of love and support on our journey of promulgating this knowledge and love and understanding here today on planet earth.

Each one of us in our circle is manifesting this mission in different ways. Spirit is flowing through each of us and using each of our gifts and circumstances differently. But the love is one love, the knowledge and creativity and inspiration all come from a single, divine source.

If you are reading this and wish that you, too, could connect with like minded individuals, then please reach out to me, especially if you are local to me here in England. But however you do it, I would encourage you to find a supportive group of fellow travellers, because the energy and encouragement we find together enormously magnifies what we have as individual people.

Finally, let me quote from one of our group, Larry, who is the founder of Joyful Living Global:

Imagine a natural unfolding of our hearts and lives, connected to an intelligence greater than ourselves …

THIS is the mission of Joyful Living Global.

Truly, our hearts hold all the treasures we seek, for we are that peace, happiness and love which we search for in each other, and in the world. It is the natural unfolding of our hearts that heals our lives and the world.


That's what I get from this wonderful circle of men. So once again, I would encourage you to find and establish your group. We all need it and the world needs us!