Introducing Transcendent Leadership

I am SO excited by this!

This is me sorting out chapters and themes for my new book, Transcendent Leadership. Stay tuned; I'll be posting blogs about it over the next year whilst it is in development. And here's just a little taster of what it is all about.

This could truly revolutionise your leadership practice!

The direction of travel in Leadership: Becoming evolved:

1st level: Transactional Leadership– definitions etc. Taylor’s Scientific Management model

2nd level: Transformational – Limited transformation. Effort still required by the ‘hero’ leader

3rd level: Transcendent – Revolutionary; evolutionary. Beyond ‘self’. Using subtle energies, the higher self, the furthest reach. Energies traveling through you, not from you. In the world of organisational and managerial thought, this level is so new and so revolutionary that it can be seen to be on a totally different plane, a different paradigm of being, to the previous two levels.

To shift from second to third level leadership practice, you need to break through a barrier of understanding. It’s paradoxically an enormous barrier, one that most people get stuck behind; simultaneously it’s not really a barrier at all. In many senses, it does not exist. It’s a barrier of ego, of lack of understanding, a barrier made up of ‘lack’. In virtually all aspects of the third level, the level of transcendence, the power you will derive is not your own power.