Harry's Question

I'm privileged to be a part of an amazing conscious men's group with men from all over the world. Harry Brewster is one of the most spiritually attuned people walking the planet today.

We can learn so much from questions - that's what we Awakening Coaches do a lot of. Harry like me, is a Certified Awakening Coach, and here's an amazing question that he has:

Friends: A question for you: Why did you start on this spiritual path? What was your driving force that drove you to embark on this life-long journey?

For me knowing I was neurotic and having gone through a war, a failed marriage, a college degree, and many years of therapy I realized my brain was in constant motion with thoughts. So my quest is a quiet mind as somewhere I realized the world of opposites could never hold a sustainable path regarding human existence, ie: why we are here.

I know we at times take a back seat in our quest towards understanding, however, once we have experienced the insights we have all had, we can never go back nor can we stop as we have all opened a door which never closes.