Identity Politics - is it healthy?

Do you find yourself arguing with people on Facebook? What drives your opinions? Is it how you self-identify? Do you have a sense of self that is driven by labels that you have put upon yourself, or identifying features that you were born with? Do you live unconsciously with the labels that other people have put upon you?

Stop and reflect on the labels, groupings or 'tribes' that you associate with. How good does this make you feel? Do these identities set you free, or are they a trap that binds you?

How much in these identities can be called absolutely true? Or are they relativistic notions, a step away from reality?

I've had a fabulous discussion around this tonight with my Conscious Men's group. It made me realise that many of the arguments we have with people are simply driven by what is relative to the identity that we choose.

What kind of life do you seek? One based on identities and labels? One based on relativity? Or one in which you can seek more absolute notions of 'what is'.

This tree was planted 16 years ago by my brother-in-law. How do you think it self-identifies? Does it? Or is it content to just be? No identity. Does such a lack of identity trouble it in any way? Seems pretty content to me!

Try this practice: Just for one day, live your life as if you belonged to no faction, no grouping, no tribe. You give out only love, you take in only what is there in any present moment.

And if this really resonates with you, practise it some more. As my friend Chris pointed out, 'practice becomes a state, which then becomes a trait.'

Enjoy my friends. Let me know how you get on.