Polarities, Paradox and Manifestation

I work intensively with people for a few weeks at a time using the world's most incredible technique - coaching!

Coaching works brilliantly for people who simply want to become a better version of themselves, but they don't know how to or where to start. People are often stuck in their journey through life, not knowing which decision branch to follow; they may be confused, have too many options or indeed, their mind may be blocking off potential and brilliant options due to self doubt or limiting beliefs.

But there is one little corner of coaching can often be the one in which people make the most breakthroughs in their lives. It's the one that involves that strangest of things, namely 'paradox'.

I had a social media debate with a fundamentalist recently. The debate continued day after day for about a week. Being an ex-fundamentalist myself, I could predict with near exact certainty what each of his next arguments would be. And it occurred to me that this gentleman was trapped in a two dimensional decision tree. It didn't appear to be making him happy, only rather confrontational.

You see, every decision he made had to be either one or the other; black or white, right or wrong. He was living in a world of forced duality, where the rules of the game meant winners and losers. And the winners were a very very small section of the population that obviously included him and his kinsmen. Into the losers pile he threw all Catholics (1.2 billion 'cultists'); all Anglicans (because they are attempting to reconcile with Catholics - another 84 million to add to the list); all liberal protestants, not to mention humanists, Buddhists, Muslims and so on and so on.

When coaching people, I do not tell them the answers to their issues. I use a variety of techniques such as powerful questions, which enable the person being coached to reveal the answer for themselves. The answer is always found within - you just need to know how to look for it!

In my experience, the most amazing answers and breakthroughs come when trying to reconcile polarities. This is the place where paradox exists. And truth resides in paradox. Not only truth but limitless possibility and brilliance.

Let me illustrate with an example from my own life. I am English and my wife Paraguayan. Where should we live? The fundamentalist might suggest that the answer is in one country or the other. They often see the world as an either/or universe. However, when faced with complexity, I like to remind myself that it is in fact a both/and universe.

So we solved the polarity by continuing to reside in England, but we bought a couple of acres of beautiful Paraguayan land with some wildlife-rich rainforest in it. Not only do we now have a stake in South America, but we can provide a space for the extended family to live in, and we have also been replanting the rainforest with endangered native hardwoods and fruiting palm trees for the birds.

This answer emerged to my wife and I as we opened to this paradoxical, both/and universe. We surrendered logical thinking and the outmoded, dualistic approach and let the answer emerge and flow through our consciousness. Even if we had discerned such a perfect answer using our logical faculties, the manifestation of the answer would then have been another difficult challenge to face.

But the source of the answer lies in the universe residing within us, or more accurately, we are the universe and the universe is us. So by surrendering the answer to the universe, the universe also manifests the answer back into the world of form. If that sounds a bit abstract, let me illustrate it for you:

Old paradigm - dualistic thinking:

1) Work out using logical thought and struggle what the best answer is; maybe you can list the possibilities and score/rank each one.

2) In this case, if the answer is to buy a house in Paraguay then you need to search for it using a lot of hard work and on-line estate agents.

New paradigm - surrender to the universe, accept paradox and reconcile polarities:

1) Surrender and wait for the universe to reveal the perfect answer. You will feel it with your heart and your body.

2) Once the answer emerges, surrender again in the knowledge that the perfect answer will manifest in the real world (the world of form).

In our case, as we received knowledge that the answer was to buy land in Paraguay, we allowed the same universe that gave us the answer, to also manifest that answer. So instead of having to look really hard for the land, the land looked for us. At around the same time as we were allowing the answer to emerge, an elderly 'campesino' who needed to sell some land sought out my brother-in-law, and the rest is history. It was the perfect sized land in the perfect location at a very reasonable price.

Understanding polarities, paradox and manifestation is a wonderful thing. Maybe there's an answer to a problem that you have just waiting for you out there. I know I can help you uncover this incredible path of discovery in your life - why not give me a call on 07714 419517? And don't forget , there's up to 40% off until the end of spring 2019!

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