The Nocebo Effect

The Nocebo effect is the opposite of the Placebo Effect. One of the best writers on the subject is Dr Bruce Lipton. Here's an example that he gives:

"Fabrizio Benedetti, a professor in the University of Turin Medical School, upended the once held belief that nocebo “truths” could only be relayed through the actual “professional.” In an experiment, he led a group of 100 students on a trip high into the Alps, to an altitude of 9800 feet. Days before the trip he privately told one student that the altitude’s thin air can cause migraine headaches. By the day of the trip, the student had provoked a “rumor” that made its way through more than a quarter of the group. Those who heard the “rumor” suffered migraine headaches and an assay of their saliva revealed an exaggerated response to the low oxygen conditions with an elevation of enzymes associated with altitude headaches. Dr. Benedetti’s results demonstrate that the nocebo effect can cause brain biochemistry changes via a network of “socially infected” individuals."

You can read the full article here:

Bruce Lipton newsletter

The power of the mind is phenomenal and Dr Bruce Lipton and his contemporary, Dr Joe Dispenza are some of my favourite writers on the subject of epigenetics and the placebo effect.

In the Unity tradition, there is a phrase, 'thoughts held in mind produce after their kind', and this holds true for both the placebo and the nocebo effects.

In my coaching practice, one of the things that I am trained to do is to 'hunt' for programs that we all carry round with us in our minds, those often unconscious beliefs that we have hardwired inside of us that dictate actions and responses. Often these are incredibly unhelpful in our walk on planet earth, so we deal with them together. We dissolve the hold that they have over you by releasing them and setting you free to be the best version of yourself.

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