We Are All Equal

One of the key benefits of Awakening Coaching is to learn how to de-program our minds. The mind is an amazing thing. The mind created everything on this planet that is great about humanity. But the mind also creates everything that is bad.

There is so much activity every day in the mind that is largely invisible to the outside world. A lot of this activity is wasteful or harmful. Much of this mind activity is based upon the programs that are running in the background. Awakening Coaching recognises these programs. Recognition that they are indeed there is the first step. We then ask if the programs are helpful or unhelpful. If they are unhelpful to us, we have some beautiful, simple but incredibly powerful tools that dissolve these programs and the stranglehold that they have over our lives.

Typical programs are based on beliefs. We often form these beliefs early on in life. Examples are:

- I'm not good enough

- I'll always be poor

- Nobody loves me

- There's not enough time

- People are judging me

- Life is a struggle

I was reminded the other day of the truth that once we dissolve these unhelpful programs, we come to the realisation that actually we're all pretty much the same under the surface. Deep down, our true nature is just awareness. It's just consciousness.

- You have a body, but you are not your body

- You have feelings, but you are not your feelings

- You have possessions, but you are not your possessions

- You have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts

- You have a history, but you are not your history

Get it? See, it's simple. The truth is that you are just the thing that is aware of all of these things. That's the reason that however old people are, they always say that they don't feel old. That's entirely true, because the bit that you feel about who you are deep down is this awareness that lies outside space and time. The real you is the observer of it all: it sees but cannot be seen, because it has no size, no shape, no beginning and no end. Some people refer to this as your spirit or your soul.

We can see therefore that your spirit has no form. It is no-thing, or nothing. If I am no-thing and you are no-thing, then what separates nothing from nothing? Answer: NOTHING!

My book, Mind-Spirit Detox, is packed full of practices that are simple but profound and they all point us towards the truth of who or what you really are; who or what God or Spirit really is, and what all of that means in your walk here on planet earth. The book enables you to de-program the unhelpful stuff, re-program the good stuff and re-boot your entire system to become the best version of you...the ultimate redesign of the perfect you.

Anyhow, I said that I was reminded of this the other day. What brought it to mind? I was with my family last weekend in a wonderful place called Cotehele in Cornwall, when we decided to pose for a photograph on a thing I called a 'horse mounty steppy thing' (correctly known as a 'mounting block'). And we all magically became the same height. It made me recognise that under all of the outer manifestation, and all of the inner programming, we are all the same. Here we all are in the photograph, below. Looks like I'm just smiling for the camera, but deep within, the contents of this blog are swirling around my mind, ha!

Have a great day my friends.