I've got a chapter in my book, Mind-Spirit Detox, called simply, 'Play!'. This might be one of the most important chapters in the book. Why? Because we live in a playful, fun universe. Love is the very matter that binds everything together in the Cosmos and love is light, it has high vibration, it is playful.

If you want a barometer for how you're doing in your walk on this planet, it's not measured by how long you spend in meditation, how many retreats you go on, how much therapy you're having, the depth of your philosophical knowledge. No, ha! Thats so wrong it's genuinely laughable.

I'd actually invite you not to measure any progress because it's not measurable. It's not comparable. Your very being is fundamentally esoteric. Your true self is merely an observer, it's consciousness, it is pure love.

However, if you desperately desire some kind of an indication as to how you're getting along, then I'll allow you one...and that's how much you smile, how much you laugh, just how silly you can be. When we let our inhibitions go and we let love and laughter flow through us, we throw away all of the unhelpful things of being a 'grown up'. We reconnect with the inner child.

Don't know how to do this? Well why not try this. JUMP! It's absolutely impossible to jump and not laugh, even if it's just laughing at yourself. So here are my girls and me jumping yesterday, just to prove the point that I really only ever write about what I actually do myself.

My thoughts aren't from a book my friends, they're just a reflection of what I actually do.

And if you're going to do anything today, please make sure that it involves jumping. And if you can't jump, try something else, but it's got to be just a little bit silly, ok?!

Have fun and send me your photos!