Being Present: Cultivate a Peaceful Mind through Spiritual Practice

We spent a fabulous day with the author of 'Being Present', Darren Cockburn. I first heard Darren being interviewed by our friend Paul John Roach on his show, 'World Spirituality'. Paul suggested we get together because he's not too far from us.

And what a wonderful guy Darren is! He has such a warm, genuine, loving heart. I'm genuine when I say that it is truly a rare thing to come across somebody with such a gentle spirit. The vibes this man gives off are really quite awesome. My whole family had a fabulous day with him, and we topped it off with a delightful conversation over a cuppa.

Darren checking out the sea fog near Beer in Devon:

Trying the exercise equipment:

Comparing notes:

Please have a look at this video, there's so much wisdom and love and connection in Darren's words. God truly comes flowing out through this book. If there's one thing that will vastly improve your walk here on this planet at this time, it is being present to 'what is'. Enjoy!

You can watch the video here: