Mind-Spirit Detox

With just over two weeks since release, I am truly staggered at how the book has been received all over the globe. It's already been flying off shelves in North America, UK and Europe, Australia and South Africa. I'm so happy that people all over the planet are beginning to use the practices, meditations and reflections to connect with their true selves, their mission, the loved ones around them, and their God. Wow.

So I end the day in a spirit of gratitude. I am so, so thankful for the gift of this book. I simply sat down on the sofa when Isabel was away in Paraguay a couple of years ago and wrote a chapter a night. It flowed through me. It didn't feel like it came from me, rather, it emerged through me. So it didn't feel like hard work, rather, it just felt as if I was on an exciting ride....and thank goodness I learnt to touch type when I worked at PWC back in the early '90s!

I'm grateful to my family for their support and inspiration and also of course to my teachers, Rev Paul John Roach who has been my inspiration, friend and companion for some 8 years now (check out Unity FM's World Spirituality Show which Paul presents), and Arjuna Ardagh who taught me the art of Awakening Coaching. Arjuna's inspiration runs like a current throughout the book; I use many if not all of the practices in the book in my coaching practice as well as others that you can check out for yourself in Arjuna's extensive back-catalogue and on-line videos.

Enjoy the book and THANK YOU my friends!