Let the Universe Sing!

In my coaching practice, I help people connect with their deepest self, their ultimate longing, their highest purpose. It's invariably the case that the people that are most fulfilled in their life seem to not be those people that are constantly turned in on themselves, who spend every waking hour in meditation and contemplation.

No! The people who are most fulfilled are those people who understand the bigger picture, who understand what the hell they are doing here on this planet. They open themselves up to something bigger than themselves and they become a channel for the flow of the universe. The creativity that manifests through people when they take this step is phenomenal. Such people are absolutely on fire, they begin to shine like the sun. Amazing things happen!

The incredible thing as well is that when we surrender to this bigger force, we don't really know exactly what's going to begin to flow through our lives. It's like an incredible roller-coaster. In my experience, when we decide with our head and from a position of greed or lower intentions what it is that we want to manifest, it doesn't always pan out. But when we recognise our God-given gifts and ask Spirit to take what is ours and use it in a spirit of excitement and infinite possibility, then incredible things begin to happen.

So let me share with you an opportunity that has come to me through this life-force, the flow of the universe. I honestly could never have made this up. I wouldn't ever have even thought of it, ha!

Here's just a snippet of the string of things that have happened:

I get a place to read Economics at Claire College, Cambridge.

My geography teachers fail to teach a single subject that comes up on one of my Geography A Level papers. I get a 'B'. I needed an 'A'.

I go to Southampton University instead. There I become friends with a Major in the Salvation Army. Through one of his friends, I meet somebody who works in a Salvation Army home in Paraguay (o, yes, another string of coincidences leads me to live for a year in a dance academy in Paraguay....long story!).

I teach a bit of English in the home and meet three charming triplet sisters, including Isabel, who later came to England and married me!

One of Isabel's sisters marries an incredible ecologist and land manager for a Catholic retreat. He manages hundreds of hectares of organic farmland in the beautiful Cordillera region of Western Paraguay. He is an expert in reforestation and has himself planted tens of thousands of trees in the Cordillera.

They help facilitate our purchasing of two acres of organic land and we start reforesting a slice of Atlantic Rainforest that we own.

.....all of which brings us to the present day. Isabel and I realised just how easy and relatively cheap it is to protect existing ancient rainforest, as well as to reforest - to re-grow what has already been lost.

And now we want to share that with other people. People sponsor donkeys, they sponsor children in Africa. Why not sponsor a tree? Why not sponsor some square metres of a rainforest? Well now you can. It's very easy and it's really quite cheap. You'll get a photo of your tree and your land for you, your family and if you've got them, your kids. You can even off-set your own carbon footprint....forever!

Here's how you can help:


OK, so you might critique this by saying that everything that happens in our lives is ultimately the result of a string of unlikely events. True, but in Awakening Coaching, I have learnt to be aware, to be awakened to those meaningful coincidences. The ones that just seem to have something more to them. The extraordinary coincidences that seem to carry a charge, that seem to be beckoning me on, almost daring me to push on a door, to take a peek under a particular stone. And this one for me was screaming at me, there was nothing subtle about it!

I found myself in a position whereby I could simply and relatively easily buy rainforest and plant trees. And I could do it on behalf of people who would love to do it but who don't have the knowledge and contacts that I have. How could I NOT respond to that one?! It almost felt like a door I would have to resist being flung open rather than having to push it open myself.

So I didn't resist. I let the door open. I let the Universe sing.

So please, please consider sponsoring a tree or some forest for you and your family.

Moreover, open your heart and listen to what the Universe is nudging you to do. For there is surely a path of 'coincidences' in your life that is just waiting for you to recognise them as not actually coincidences but rather an invitation to manifest brilliance! They are an invitation by a power bigger than you to push open the door and to fulfil your walk on this beautiful planet of ours. Everybody can let the Universe sing!