Future Emerging Possibility

Have you ever had an experience that was like a singularity - a moment where everything changed for you? Where your past and current 'self' met with the emerging future self?

This happened for me the first time that I set foot on 'Selva Madre', our land in Paraguay. It was a late evening; the sun was about to set. The air was still, hot and heavy. The sound of birds setting about roosting for the night was everywhere. The high forest felt as if it were closing in on me, and we walked across our land, as if navigating a deep and darkening green soup.

There was a dream-like quality about the moment; I couldn't believe that this was about to be mine, a place that I could pass down through the generations. A place so unutterably beautiful. A new emerging future was coalescing and I was literally walking through it; it was becoming manifest right under my feet.

An extraordinary feeling of disbelief overwhelmed me. We had been planning this for some months from afar, but to be standing physically in this place which in the flesh, in reality, was even more of a dream than the dream that had given rise to it was quite extraordinary. The beauty of the place, the forest scent, the abundance of wildlife, all were far above even my most whimsical of dreams. In that moment - in that singularity of time, I felt heavily rooted in the thick evening air into the place I stood, transfixed; as if something were pushing me down and holding me there. I literally couldn't move. All I could do was to see, to feel, to smell this place that had just been born for me, and simply know that something profound had shifted in my life and that of my family forever.

That moment was one year ago. And that moment led me into this new moment. Please take a look....