It doesn't get any better than that

When you step out in a coaching relationship, it's a powerful act. It shows that you have had the courage and the pro-active nature and the determination and the time to look really deeply into yourself. You are seeking to be absolutely clear who you really are.

The practices that we do together will dispel any doubt for you about your true nature – that you are limitless, never beginning, never dying.

You will have the humility and the courage to face and to be truthful about every habit that is biological and conditioned that interferes with the full expression of that true nature.

Everybody has scores of habits that get in the way of expressing that true nature. These habits aren’t a problem that they exist per se. Rather, being dishonest about them or trying to hide the habits is the problem. If you can acknowledge them, maybe with humour, then they lose their power to interfere with you putting your true light out into the world.

This is the result of Awakening Coaching. People walking the planet who are putting their true light out into the world. It's not about creating an army of people who are good at meditating or pointless introspection. It's about liberating people to be the full expression in the world of their true nature.

It doesn't get any better than that.