Become one with the Divine

Surrender everything that you think that you know. Surrender everything that you don’t yet know. Try this as a practice: write down on a piece of paper the things that you are attached to, be they physical or beliefs or prejudices. Then write down things that are on the edge of attachment and knowledge for you.

Now say that you surrender these things. You give them up. You are surrendering your small self, your humanness. Take a moment to really let this sink in. Now turn the paper over.

Open up to the knowing that goes beyond your mind. Look at the blank sheet of paper before you. It has no writing on it as yet. You are now opening up to your divinity. This is a sacred act of owning and embodying your divinity. You are bringing it from the third person, the ‘other’, or God if you like, and bringing it into alignment with the first person, i.e. what you call ‘I’. You are then passing through the stage of alignment and making the most radical shift of all as you bring it right into you. You become one with this thing. You do not only align with it, you ARE it. You have surrendered the small self and welcomed in and become one with the divinity that is your big self, your real self.

And this seeming blank piece of paper before you isn’t in fact blank at all. It is a piece of paper upon which is actually written everything. It is the field of infinite possibility upon which the divine dances. You have now become one with the divine in your walk upon this planet.