There's a fabulous movement sweeping the globe right now, based upon a book and a movie documentary. The movie follows two chaps, Joshua and Ryan, who ask, 'How might your life be better with less?'. What if you went through everything you have and do an audit - we use 10% of our stuff 90% of the time. Why not get rid of the other 90%?

This struck me recently when we decorated Emily's bedroom. It still appears to be chock-a-block with toys and books, but in the clear out, we threw away four large bin bags of stuff. Ridiculous!

We have a loft that runs the entire length of the house, full of stuff. All of our drawers are stuffed with stuff. We have two sheds full of stuff. Stuff, Stuff, STUFF!!!

Since lockdown, we've been spending very little, given the fact that it's only really Amazon that's still going. So we've bought very little stuff. And I truly hope that that will continue. We've saved thousands of pounds the last three months through an increasingly frugal lifestyle.

And this has now become less forced upon us and more conscious. As we are now beginning to be able to purchase things again, we have decided deliberately to buy less. We recognised the ridiculous nature of our search for the next dopamine hit via the methodology of consumerism.

The happiest year of my life was possibly 1998, when I lived in Paraguay. I lived with literally what I could fit into a suitcase, i.e. not much. Happiness was derived from the people I was with, exploring new places and the freedom brought about by just being me! I had virtually no 'stuff' in my life.

It got me thinking as well. I'm a mystical Christian (if I have to put a label on it which I don't really like to). Ironically, it seems that we Christians actually rarely, if ever, try with all of our strength to copy the way that Jesus lived. We gossip, we covet, we buy lots of stuff, we eat too much etc.etc. I wonder what life would be like if we truly tried to live by Christ Spirit? With the consciousness of Christ. I wonder if you could use the practice of minimalism as a key to becoming more conscious? I'd welcome your thoughts.

Before I leave you, here's a couple of pictures of me pre-minimalism trying to decide whether to go for the red one or the white one :-)