Underlying Philosophy

My coaching practice isn't just wishy-washy cod-psychology or something I've entirely made up myself. Underpinning it are formal qualifications plus my never-ending search for truth and solutions in order to enable people to find the results that they crave.

I recently completed study through The Presencing Institute at MIT. You can find out about them here: https://www.presencing.org

I also read a lot. Some of what I read I put onto my YouTube Channel. Over the next few days, I'll be posting my latest book reviews - it's a way in which you can get a preview of the field of literature regarding self-development, spirituality and consciousness. You can either use it as a quick insight to learn the key issues or to be inspired to buy the entire book.

Additionally, I like to follow thought leaders and philosophers. Here's one of my favourite, Tim Freke. Check it out, he's fabulous: