Living an abundant life

Today is not only the summer solstice, but it's also Father's Day here in the UK. As my beautiful girls delivered me a cooked breakfast in bed, it brought it home to me even more than ever before just what an abundant life I am blessed with. But what is the nature of abundance? How can we attract abundance into our lives? There's no single answer to this, but here's one pointer:

Give what appears to be missing!

If we accept the notion that everything we need is already within us, then whatever is missing is what we are not giving. Life is not happening to us, it’s happening through us. Life is flowing through us. We therefore act as a channel for the universe. When we try to create what we haven’t got, we get burnt out. When we surrender and act as a channel, the opposite happens – we become energised, we become excited. Creativity, love, health, beauty, exuberance, all flourish when we get out of the way and look to something bigger than ourselves.

My former vicar once said to me, ‘if you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit, first you have to step out in faith and GIVE! If you do not give, then God will have no need to be refilling you with anything!’. He was so right. Give what appears to be missing and you will begin the flow of abundance. We will explore the flow and circulation laws further below, but first, let’s also get one thing straight when we talk about abundance. Wealth and abundance is never really about money per se.

Money in economic terms is merely a means of exchange. It’s just paper, or it’s just credit or it’s blots of ink on a bank statement. Wealth is so much more, it’s about how you feel, it’s about creativity, it’s about love, it’s about meaning, wellbeing, security and safety and so on. It’s so much more than just money. Sure it can include money, but only in terms of what you can do with that money. So money in these terms is really about potential, about possibility. When I look at my own life and think about abundance, if I concentrate my gaze on money, I always think about lack – about how much more money I would really like, about how much bigger I’d like that bank balance to be. But if I turn my consciousness towards the true meaning of abundance, I think about my beautiful children, of my wife, my parents, my job, my creativity, my gifts, the beautiful place in which we live, the music that is in my life, our reforestation programme and so on. It’s never possible to think of abundance in terms of lack when I think of it in this way.

So wanting abundance is fine. It is ok to want abundance in your life. In fact, it is brilliant that you want abundance in your life. The mere fact that you are reading this book would probably indicate that you are somebody who desires improvement, who wants to become a better leader, who wants to give of their gifts, who ultimately wants to contribute towards the evolutionary betterment of mankind on the planet today.

So think about it – would you be more effective or less effective in this mission if you had abundance or had lack in your life? Of course the answer is ‘abundance’ every time! So this is your inheritance, it is your ‘good’ it is the thing that you are – you are perfectly designed to produce the ‘good’ in your life that is your birthright. Abundance is already yours. So stop thinking about money, which creates a sense of lack, and think instead about true abundance.

Maybe take a few minutes and give thanks for the abundance that is in your life right here, right now in the present moment. And whilst you are in presence, it is the best possible time to step out of the way and let it naturally flow through you. It is time to allow the almost infinite potential of abundance to flow. This potential is like one of the fundamental sources of energy – potential energy. We have already said that money should not be confused with money in nominal terms, i.e. notes and coins and so on. A better way to think about money in the context of abundance is as potential energy powering abundance.

So many ideas that we may have as leaders both within and outside teams and organisations, need some kind of resource – seed money for capital or ongoing revenue. Is it not just common sense that your mission and the acceleration of projects and plans would be so much easier with more money rather than less? So throw away any guilty feelings around the accumulation of monetary wealth. If your mind is set upon your higher purpose, upon fulfilling your longest reach, then money is just another facet to the overall road map towards Transcendent Leadership, powering your journey with potential energy.

Abundance is holarchic in nature and is intimately identified with flow. The tree doesn’t suddenly emerge from the seed. It is part of a cyclical process of flow. Water comes from above; nutrients come from below; both flow into the tree and the tree is thus in a process of emergence. Growth is a manifestation of the circulation of energy. In the same way as a leader, your energy with your team and in your work is fully and beautifully realised when it is channelled in a pattern of circulation from the universe. So your real wealth cannot even be seen; it is the mechanism within you that enables flow and circulation; it is simply part of your inherent nature.

When we see this truth, our eyes are opened to the beauty of abundance. When we allow the universe to flow through us and we surrender all of what we are to the evolving purpose of Spirit, then our inherent wealth produces abundance. This is nothing to be coy about or to hide. It is simply wonderful! Just think about it – without you, nothing good would flow through you, nothing would be manifest through you. With you, good things are manifest. Moreover, with you in a leadership role, abundance flows. It flows to the people that you lead, and it flows into the thing for which your team or your organisation has a purpose. This really is nothing to ever feel guilty about. So let it shine!

We must never forget therefore that our true power lies within. Our power does not lie with the things that we have accumulated. Accumulation brings attachment. Attachment is often to things, such as clothes, cars, homes, i.e. things that are objects. But these things are dead. A fancy car is not a living object. It is dead. But the life of abundance comes from Source, and Source is alive; abundance necessarily has a flowing, living, circulating, loving quality. So put your trust and faith in Source, not in (re)sources: Source is alive, resource is dead.

p.s. the breakfast was amazing!!!