Transcendent Leadership: The 8 Dimensions of Awakened Leadership Practice

So excited to introduce my new book! Available now worldwide via Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.

In terms of leadership theory, conventional wisdom says that there are just two levels of practice:

- Transactional Leadership (Level One)

- Transformational Leadership (Level Two)

Hidden in plain sight, however, is a radical new level of practice:

- Transcendent Leadership (Level Three)


Embedded within this book is a code which unlocks your true potential, which will enable you to experience the preternatural magic of Transcendent Leadership in your own team.

When you work to bring transcendence into your own leadership, you will open yourself to new understanding and rapid results, including:

- Achieving the super-charged power of the flow state

- Experiencing ‘downloads’ of information and guidance

- Seeing into the emergent future

- Shifting to a higher frequency of awareness

- The ability to transmit energy to your staff and co-workers

- Achieving deeper levels of cohesiveness within your team

- Being on fire for your mission

- Producing results – faster than ever before

The key mission of Transcendent Leadership is to bring consciousness into the field of leadership practice. Transcendent Leadership moves beyond the small self to encapsulate divine, cosmic consciousness – shifting from small mind to Big Mind, from egoic understanding to unbounded awareness...and results that are rapid, outstanding and disruptive.