You Are a Gift to The World

Last night a few things were going around in my head that were not helpful to me. Same for my wife, Isabel. And then I stumbled upon this post from my very special friend, Joe Gagliano. It spoke to the underlying truth about connecting with what is real and rejecting the nonsense that our minds create. It's beautiful.

Then this morning, early for me, I was awoken by our dog, Jupiter. Instead of fighting for sleep, I got up, made a cup of Yorkshire tea, and sat in meditation by the Christmas tree.

The recognition of truth came to me that we are all a unique gift to the world. That's the reality. By connecting to the divine within us, we connect to this truth. When we let the rubbish that is in our minds step in between our true nature and that reality, we waste precious minutes of our walk on this planet.

Have a read of this and remember the truth, that you are a true gift to the world and those around you....

From a friend of mine. I must say it is a pretty accurate assessment.

“Once I was speaking to someone on the other side of the planet and we were discussing the deep seated feeling that “there is something wrong with me." They said “Oh, you guys have that too?!” This showed me that this is a collective belief/feeling and is inherent in the current state of consciousness of human beings.

The truth is, the belief that there is something wrong is a misperception. It arises when we view reality through the mind which causes us to feel disconnected from the rest of life, like lonely strangers in this vast universe. We feel like aliens on our own planet and amongst our own species. We become so individuated, so isolated within the prison of our own thoughts, that we feel alone in a room full of other beings.

The mind filters reality. It superimposes a fabricated “world” over the top of the real world. It is not based on reality, but is more of a projection over the top of reality and this is why some new age spiritual teachings talk about “creating our own reality." This is true from one perspective: the mind creates its own reality via projecting and superimposing over existence itself; in a sense, one could call it a dream. But it would be more true to say “we create our own dream." It is because we experience living in this private, projected world that we feel isolated and cut off from the totality.

In the depths of our unconscious this creates a sense of smallness within ourselves, as well as feelings of being unsafe and alone. Not only do we project our dream onto reality, but we also project it onto ourselves. When we self reflect we see ourselves in contrast to the external “world."

Our experience is primarily a subjective one. What we experience as the objective world is actually happening subjectively, and our sense of self is also subjective. Our experience becomes lived within the confines of the mind. This is why ancient spiritual teachings state “the mind creates the world” and “the world is an illusion." So long as we are living within this dreamscape feelings of deficiency will arise, the duality of “I am good enough” and “I am not good enough” exists as two sides of the same coin. Some days we feel good enough, other days not good enough, and this is the cycle of what the Buddhists call Samsara, the wheel of suffering.

The sense of a personal self (ego) exists in the realm of “Becoming." It can never reach wholeness or fullness. Rather, it is always becoming and it is driven by deficiency in order to keep becoming, becoming more and more. Without deficiency it would stop dead in its tracks.

There is nothing wrong with becoming; becoming is essential for evolution. The issue arises when our sense of identity is drawn from that dimension and we feel that's all we are. We then begin an endless search to reach wholeness. Though it is futile as there is no end to this search in that dimension.

In order to move out of the sense of “there is something wrong with me” we have to have a fundamental shift of identity from content to context.

So long as we are drawing our sense of self from what our mind is telling us about who we are, we are bound to continue trying to fix, maintain, control and manipulate our experience of ourselves. This is exhausting and in the end, futile.

We have to realise ourselves as the space in which becoming arises. This realisation is the opening and beginning of our sense of unity with life, and the first glimpse of what lies beyond our mind.”

Peace & Blessing,

Matt Nettleton

Co-Creator of Embodied Processing