What My Clients Are Saying

"Richard met my hopes and wishes for growth with confidence and kindness right away, which gave me a lot of self-belief. Working with him in coaching was a deep and transformative experience, with lots of layers and shifts occurring, and always beautifully framed in a professional and practical plan.

I began in a place of lack and powerlessness I didn't even really notice I was in, and by the end had ideas for my own future, and belief I could reach them for the first time. It was subtle and gentle, but a big change.

Richard is an inspiring and supportive coach. I felt just challenged enough and just supported enough to really let my own strength come into awareness, and be willing to share it. I notice changes in my thoughts and behaviours now, I am braver, and more determined to share whatever I have with the world - and I know what that is! It was a wonderful experience that I'm really glad I had.

Thank you, Richard"

Rachel, Voice Coach and Therapeutic Choir Leader

"Richard, I now have a different energy and mindset.  I've come such a long way.  I've learnt a lot about happiness.  It's core to how I feel right now.  I don't now feel any external pressure.  I don't now feel the need to achieve things to feel deeply fulfilled in myself.  I feel mentally much healthier.  I feel I know how to be myself now.  What you've done is helped to channel the real me into my life. 

The meditative processes are just brilliant in the sessions.

I have changed my mindset beyond belief.  I'm thrilled.  I now have the mindset that all things are possible.  Even some of my original goals have resolved as I now see the world through a new lens.  Brilliant and amazing!"

Chris, Mountain Leader and Entrepreneur, Bristol

"Richard is the real deal. He's smart, authentic and heartfelt. He connected with me quickly and helped me to overcome procrastination, doubt and playing safe. In a short series of powerful, fun and light-hearted sessions, Richard believed in me, inspired me, uplifted me, and loved me through my self sabotage, doubt and fear. I feel like I've finally crossed a bridge in my life I'd been walking for quite a while. I'd work with him again with pleasure!"

Larry, CEO Medical Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio

"I changed from feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, to skipping down the corridor.  Soon after the coaching, I got the job I always dreamt about."

Tracey, Team Manager, Dorset, UK

"Richard, my brother. I just wanted to say thank you. You cannot buy what you gave me this morning."

Joe, Management Consultant, Miami Florida

"Richard, I am just writing to thank you for your time with me.  It really opened my eyes to where I was going with my career and how to progress.  You were patient and listened really well.  I feel so much better about myself now." 

Della, Team Manager, UK

"You know in this technological world we now inhabit one often reads or hears advertisements about powering into the future, powering into tomorrow, however if one is really interested into powering or changing their forward momentum, then their passion is in advancing in a direction their consciousness hasn't embraced yet.  It's really realizing where you have been, hasn't  gotten, what you feel you want; it's this realization that is the key. 

From here the go to person is Richard Anderson as he is excellent in bringing you into this instant.  This instant is really all we really have, everything is life flows forward from this instant.  Forget about words like powering and change which emphasize duality and instead, working  with Richard you will learn what embodying this instant is and as you do a different person emerges.  

Harry, Biology Teacher and Medic, Tennessee

Leadership Feedback

"Richard is enthusiastic which rubs off on the team. He will get out there with you, look to experience the challenges that front-line staff face. He has great awareness of what’s going on in the service, reacts quickly to problems or helps to prevent problems before they happen."

"Richard is of high intellect, lots of experience but remains approachable and human. He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with you and makes you reflect on your work. If you’re having a bad day and when confidence is knocked, he soaks up your negativity and you walk out feeling completely refreshed and good about yourself again."

"During hard times, even when Richard is very busy, he will seek you out to find out how you are and check in with you to see what is going on with an issue.  You don’t have to ask for a meeting he will look for you."

"Richard is excellent at involving staff at all levels of decision making. He communicates through staff meetings, comm cells and the email. However, what Richard does, which I really appreciate, is the time and effort that he will put into explaining what is going on in the service and why at a face to face individual level. This to the point where he will look for you to discuss key messages and how we may, as a team, carry through the key messages. He will shadow staff at all levels and share the experiences of front line staff with managers at a higher level to help inform change. He makes you feel listened to and that everyone has something to say and an important role in the trust. Richard is always open to receiving feedback."

"It appears very strongly to me that Richard doesn't want yes people in his team. He encourages independent thought and gives you the tools to develop. He has the knowledge and experience to offer expert advice when needed but on the whole will coach and support your development. He challenges, but in a way which helps you to look at things differently and to challenge yourself. He empowers you to bring ideas and encourages you to ask silly questions. He recognises achievement and innovation, no matter how small, and will let the staff know that he appreciates it."

'Richard may have a facilitators/coaching style, but he also knows when to be that manager who has to take tough decisions. He will guide on policy and has shown me how to manage painful procedures when there are performance issues in the team. He appears to like data and uses this really well to inform on performance and to set benchmarks for us to aim for."

"Richard may manage in a way that empowers others but he always appears to be able to balance that side with that of a business man. He has great knowledge of the legal, ethical etc side of his role which he shares and ensures are followed."

"Richard delegates while at the same time he can be protective. I can tell when he recognises that I may be getting out of my depth. He shows understanding and empathy and will step in to offer advice and talk through something rather than watching me struggle. He doesn't leave it there. He will then point me in the right direction to enable me to be able to learn and become competent."

"It is very obvious from the way Richard works that he really is people focused. He ensures that not only is the business fit for the purpose it’s meant for but also that it is patient centred. He will always question “Have you thought about this from the patients / relatives / carers view?” it’s not just about hitting targets and agendas. 

We are lucky in the team to have Richard, he inspires us all to be better constantly and always look to improve services for those patients that we look after."